ZEBRAs will visit Vilnius during the TARP afternoon

TARP’14: PARAidžiui:

14.00 – 16.00 ZEBRA poetry films review (DE) // PLANETARIUM

On 11th October, the margins of Vilnius poetry will be jumbled with images, sounds and movement by the audiovisual poetry festival TARP, which is celebrating the twenty-four hour program, called PARAidžiui. Traditionally, this year the festival will be visited by the largest in the world Berlin poetry film festival ZEBRA, which will present two programs. We’re extremely glad that one of them will reach our screens even before the premiere in Germany – Lithuanians will have the chance to see the program of the best works. More information about them:

Poetry and Moving Typography

This program shows a variety of animations with typography. The animated words and lines of the poems give many audiovisual impressions of poetry. The poetry films by the Norwegian artists Ottar Ormstad and Kristian Pedersen or by the German artists Susanne Wiegner and Johannes Vogt play with Romanic letters. The animation by David Alexander Anderson leads us into the oriental world of the Arabic letters.  This program perfectly complements the “Typemotion” exhibition, which will be presented in TARP festival.

Best from ZEBRA

This program shows some of best poetry films of the last years and the upcoming 7th ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival which will take place from 16 to 19 October in Berlin. International poetry animations, experimental and music films from the last twenty years until now present poems by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Inger Hagerup or Billy Collins, spoken by themselves or by speaker like Bob Geldof.

Entrance to the review – 5 Lt

With the full day ticket – free

ZEBRA poetry films review is supported by Goethe-Institute in Lithuania.