If earlier we encouraged you to “adjust your sensitivity” and assured the lyric mind-wanderers with a life insurance “in autumn the leaves fall, not the poets”, this autumn we leave the emotional intellect and the fall of emotions for your own responsibility. But all this is just because we sincerely wish you to fall into the image catchers that are set by the TARP Festival of the year 2013!
This year, the festival comes back to its’ roots – audiovisuality, experiments and the city of Vilnius. The eighth TARP will dwell in the territory of the poetic “Kablys”, hovering in the crossing of Kauno and Aguonų streets on 9 – 13 of October. We are hoping that the doses of concentrated four-day programme and three exclusive venues will become the reason why thoughtful image catchers will be hovering around your curious heads. So, what’s next?
The Swoon (Belgium): “a film in one hour” or workshop of poetry films
The festival will begin with a workshop of poetry films, where everyone who wants to express their imagination through poetry and audiovisual formulas is welcome. The workshop will be led by a famous Belgian artist Marc Neys aka “The Swoon”, author of poetry films that are known from international festivals of contemporary art and poetry. Is it possible to create a poetry film within one hour? This question will be answered and a two-day length workshop will be finished with a public review of the results and a presentation of the audiovisual works of the workshop lecturer Mark Neys.
Review of Oskar Fischinger’s (Germany) optical poetry films – a nourishing bite for cinema gourmets
Thanks to Goethe Institute in Vilnius – permanent friends of the festival, this year we present optical poetry films of an exceptional avant-garde film creator – Oskar Fischinger (1900 – 1967). The review of films, created in the first half of the XX century is also unique because movies will be shown from 16 mm films, brought especially for the festival from preserved experiment film archives in France.
Audiovisual orbits of Sturle Dagsland (Norway)
On the last evening of the festival, just after the review of Oskar Fischinger’s (Germany) optical poetry films, the festival will suggest you to rest from the images in the screen and let yourself be surrounded by stunning audiovisuals of a project of two brothers, “Sturle Dagsland” from Norway. Many various instruments (guitar, trumpet, accordion, percussion, computer, etc), instinctive rhythms and unbridled melodies interlace in the music of the duet. The vocal varying from a fierce scream to a heavenly pure voice expressions are breathtaking.
So, “TARP 2013: Catchers of The Images” Hover in The Air! If you are ready to fall in, please follow further news of the TARP programme.