Every year the audiovisual poetry festival TARP challenges itself and the audience – this year they will present a unique format of an event. Once the festival lasted for a month and visited the bigger cities in Lithuania, the only festival for interdisciplinary poetry will last for twenty four hours this year – from 9 am on 11 October until the same hour on 12 October in various places in the capital city.

How will the day of TARP festival look like? The morning will start not only with a cup of coffee or refreshing tea but with unexpected poetry performances as well. Through the day, the event will continue in the National Art Gallery, there will be the opening of an international exhibition “Type Motion”. This widely recognized exhibition is constantly travelling around the world; it presents artists from more than twenty countries. Christine Stenzer, curator of the exhibition from Germany, will give a special tour due to this occasion and will tell the stories of all the exhibits, which were created from cinema, advertising, poetry and another interdisciplinary visual text lines and typing.

The afternoon of TARP festival will be dedicated to the traditional guests – the biggest poetry film festival “ZEBRA” reviews. This year the festival will arrive to Lithuania even before the opening in Berlin. There will be two programs in Vilnius University Planetarium – one for concrete poetry and the newest one, the contest programme of the festival, which will be officially shown in Berlin in the middle of October. The programme is presented by Goethe Institute in Lithuania and one of the festival coordinators – Thomas Zandegiacomo Del Bel, who visits Vilnius every two years to present the newest video, animation, computer graphics means for poetry, tendencies and trends.

The evening will begin with Ottar Ormstad, an artist from Norway. Creator of concrete poetry will open an exhibition of his artworks. The poet publishes his own books, creates video poems, photography, hybrids of graphic design and poetry. Easily recognized from his graphics of yellow letters, Ottar Ormstad plays with sign, music and motion choreography. His works were shown in festivals of experimental films or in the events of programmed media, digital or electronic literature.

Doors of the night will be opened together with organizers of alternative events „Sha:TRI:Ah“ and a performer Maria Minerva, an Estonian producer, who currently lives in USA. Maria became famous because of her eclectic music style, which mixes the hypnotizing pop, house, electronic music, avant-garde experiments and unexpected videos. Maria Minerva will share the stage with a visual artist and performer TV Maskava from Latvia. This rapper created a whole new world with household equipment, toys and other unusual devices. We will meet the break of dawn together with the underground Vilnius cultural stage DJ sets: Jurijus Dobriakovas, Žygimantas Mesijus Kurdirka, Patricia Kokett, Lukas Devita, ievaie, Grįžulo Ratai. These music-lover playlists are special because most of their players are not professional DJs but they do love music, create music or write about it.

Organizers of the audiovisual poetry festival TARP have the right to surprise. Maybe the day has twenty five hours, maybe not read but performed text can have a completely different meaning.

Audiovisual poetry festival TARP 2014: PARAidžiui


<<09.00 – 12.00>> poetry performances (LT) || At your screen at tarpfest.lt *
<<12.00 – 13.30>> opening of an international exhibition “Typemotion“ || National Art Gallery, location: Kons­ti­tu­ci­jos pr. 22  || Due to a great interest in this poetic journey, registration is needed at info@tarpfest.lt  (the tour will be in English)*
<<14.00 – 16.30>> ZEBRA poetry films review (DE) || Planetarium, location: Kons­ti­tu­ci­jos pr. 12a**
<<17.00 – 19.00>> opening of Ottar Ormstad exhibition „WHEN“ and a lecture „Playing with letters“ (NO) || YUCATAN restaurant, location: Py­li­mo g. 2/Is­lan­di­jos g. 6 *
<<20.00 – 09.00>> concerts of Maria Minerva (EST/JAV), TV Maskava (LV), underground DJ-sets and hidden secrets || “Verslo trikampis”, location: Ja­sins­kio g. 16b ***

* – entrance is free.
** – entrance is 5 litas.
*** – entrance is from 24 litas.

All day festival ticket: http://www.ticketpro.lt/jnp/other/1424805-audiovizualin-s-poezijos-festivalis-tarp-maria-minerva-est-jav-.html

More information will be ticking soon.

<Partners of TARP 2014 “PARAidžiui“: Goethe-Institut Litauen, Royal Norwegian Embassy in Lithuania, MG valda, National Art Gallery, Sha:TRI:ah >