In the 2012 the festival was painted in „concrete colours“, opening to unexpected tones of poetry media. The intro tone was given by poetry comics workshop that gathered poets, comics‘ drawers and DJ‘s under one roof. Poetry film festival „Zebra“ (Berlin, Germany) left a mark to the festival in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda for the second time with new exquisite night film programmes from all around the world.

 Jaromir Typlt (Czech Republic) surprised the exhibition visitors in the art gallery „Vartai“ with a poetry performance, read with 3D glasses. In the same place, in photo-verse exhibition „Con-crete“ („Be-tonas“), curated by Darius Jurevičius, poets presented not the verses of poems, but bricks, laying one next to another – multi-story interpretations of A.Našlėnas „concrete-textual“ photography.

The doors to another dimensions of this world were opened by arctic audio-poetic collectives  „Saint Octobre“ (France), „Orbita“ (Latvia), „Avaspo“ (Lithuania). Intimate nordic lights were glowing in the Jenny Hval (Norway) and „Insearch“ (Lithuania) performance. With the support of the festival partner „Sha:Tri:Ah“, warmed-up by Fingalick (LT) and Brokenchord (LT), „Sun Glitters“ (Belgium) were able to spin the kaleidoscope of sparkling colour sounds. Also, Steven Fowler‘s (UK) curated exhibition of concrete poetry was exposed in the shifting spaces of the festival.