TARP (en. ‘In – Between’ Festival) is an on-going interdisciplinary experimental poetry festival, which has expanded and transformed from an underground event into an international festival since its foundation in 2006 Vilnius, Lithuania.

The debut of the festival was initiated by a poet and playwright Gabrielė Labanauskaitė, when an idea to join the audiovisual poetry authors together and show them to the audience of Vilnius was born. First TARP events were going at a mental rehabilitation center and printing factory, very similar to a squat as there was no repair or maintenance made. At that time it was kind of a revolution in Lithuanian poetry scene – instead hearing the poetry reading or singing bard, the audience got acknowledged with many forms of poetry and contemporary tendencies.


For this moment TARP is the only international audiovisual poetry festival in the Baltics, organized each year in October by a team of volunteer artists.


For nine years already TARP covers unexpected programme combinations:visual poem exhibitions and video retrospectives, workshops, concerts, poets’ performances together with video and audio artists and audiovisual poetry screening competition that usually is open for everyone.

The festival events are full of visual, textual and music improvisations, creativity and openess for any kind of new poetic forms.


TARP goals:

– To develop and disseminate audiovisual poetry traditions in Lithuania;

– To expand the knowledge of audiovisual poetry field (especially the use of technologies expressing the poetry and creating new poems);

– To promote interest in the poetry for simple people;

– To encourage poets and artists from different fields create together.