2013: TARP catches the images

Year 2013 was hung with the „catchers of images“ – the accent fell on poetry film workshops which were led by a Belgian Marc Neys, aka SWOON, who is diving in the virtual artistic spaces not only as a lecturer but as an independent creator as well. An extraordinary Oskar Fischinger‘s (Germany) optical poetry filmography review with subtle 16 mm vibrations delighted not only poetry but cinema lovers, too.

 In the concentrated programme of several days in Vilnius the screens and stages were glowing, the pages of the zine, created for the festival by Aistė Jūrė, were rustling. Unique duets „Propan“ and „Sturle Dagsland“ invited to a psychogeographic mind trip through the Norwegian forest of sounds and images. „Catchers of images“ ended up in a fight – a friendly war on stage between Sarah Kelly (UK),Bohdan Blahovic (CZ) and MC Mesijus (LT).