2009: TARP

In 2009, the festival began with lectures by a poet Benediktas Januševičius and a photographer Alvydas Lukys and this creators opening of an „Déjà-vu“exhibitionat thehall of therenovated Mental Health Rehabilitation Center. It is the casual experiences captured with a mobile phone.  TARP ran in between „Kultflux“, a cultural platform, breathing straightly into Neris, to the „Kablys“ building, looking into the moonlight, where the walls were shook by the poetic-musical performance fiesta. The first ones to shoot the crumbly ceiling were a composers‘ collective „Muzika yra l.l.l. svarbi“, who are creating interdisciplinary music, text, image and motion manipulations, Aušra Kaziliūnaitė and Benediktas Januševičius poetic performance „Untitled“ („Be pavadinimo“) and „slowattack“, a quintet of Kaunas citizens, slowly attacking with their musical textures. The last lines of the evening were left for „Alkis Įšalusiai Aušrai“, who destroyed his poems after every of performances on stage, and „Naughty Excreta“, an anti-conformist, meta-absurd one man band.

The next evening enchanted with the Vedas, performed by a band „Cikados“; „Among the apples“ („Tarp obuolių“), a project of motion and poetry improvisations. The Zaizdras photo-poetic show „Gre.Nades“ („Gra.Natos“) were popping as well as „Regina“ (formerly known as „Žibantis tunas“) – psychedelic jazz, chaotic punk and folk, dramatic pop accords.