2006: The Beginning of TARP

The debut of the festival was initiated by Gabrielė Labanauskaitė in the year 2006, when an ideato join the audiovisual poetry authors together and show them to the audience of Vilniuswas born, at a raw „Arts printing house“, then very similar to a squatin London as there was no repair or maintenance made. There weren’t many of those authors – the evening started together with a similar minded project “Jacuzzi”,AivarasRuzgas was diving in its electronic waves, and colourful bubbles were bursting on the screen by VirginijaApšegaitė. Later on – a bomb of good emotions from RomualdasLavrynovičius, then known as Placenta, who now wanders the ways of cinema. After a break in the dark a tingling band “Betoniaitriušiai” started their performance. T. S. Butkus’ torch, running in between the lines and sound navigation, managed by Antanas Dombrovskij and Vadimas Korotajevas convinced us – such events are worth to be organized, to light and enlight in the dark.