TARP 10: INTER-states

Festival TARP, this year celebrating 10 years since its beginning, has been levitating between underground venues and mainstream spaces, attracting audiences who like and support poetry or varied forms of its synthesis. Over these many years, we have had different unexpected fusions that later became popular: we have befriended slam organiser Domas Raibys, initiated comic […]


TARP’14: Evening programme (video)

Evening programme for audiovisual poetry festival TARP 2014: PARAIDŽIUIVideo: Daiva Tubutytė


The international exhibition “Typemotion” will be opened at midday

TARP’14: PARAidžiui: 12.00 – 14.00 Opening of an international exhibition “Typemotion” // National Art Gallery One-day long festival TARP during the midday will continue in the National Art Gallery. There will be the opening an international exhibition “Typemotion”. Constantly traveling around the world, this famous exhibition presents artists from more than twenty countries, who found […]


ZEBRAs will visit Vilnius during the TARP afternoon

TARP’14: PARAidžiui: 14.00 – 16.00 ZEBRA poetry films review (DE) // PLANETARIUM On 11th October, the margins of Vilnius poetry will be jumbled with images, sounds and movement by the audiovisual poetry festival TARP, which is celebrating the twenty-four hour program, called PARAidžiui. Traditionally, this year the festival will be visited by the largest in […]


Letters of the audiovisual poetry festival TARP will fit into one day

Every year the audiovisual poetry festival TARP challenges itself and the audience – this year they will present a unique format of an event. Once the festival lasted for a month and visited the bigger cities in Lithuania, the only festival for interdisciplinary poetry will last for twenty four hours this year – from 9 […]


TARP festival is waiting for works of concrete poetry

The international audiovisual poetry festival TARP awaits for concrete poetry works of various formats – video, photography, graphics or any kind of a poem, expressed in a visual way. Just to remind, concrete poetry demonstrates the word itself as a substance of language by writing it literally, spelling it, illustrating or conflicting with the semantic […]



If earlier we encouraged you to “adjust your sensitivity” and assured the lyric mind-wanderers with a life insurance “in autumn the leaves fall, not the poets”, this autumn we leave the emotional intellect and the fall of emotions for your own responsibility. But all this is just because we sincerely wish you to fall into […]


2013: TARP catches the images

Year 2013 was hung with the „catchers of images“ – the accent fell on poetry film workshops which were led by a Belgian Marc Neys, aka SWOON, who is diving in the virtual artistic spaces not only as a lecturer but as an independent creator as well. An extraordinary Oskar Fischinger‘s (Germany) optical poetry filmography […]


2012: con-crete colours

 In the 2012 the festival was painted in „concrete colours“, opening to unexpected tones of poetry media. The intro tone was given by poetry comics workshop that gathered poets, comics‘ drawers and DJ‘s under one roof. Poetry film festival „Zebra“ (Berlin, Germany) left a mark to the festival in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda for the […]


2011: TARP: Shamans‘ visions

The festival could’ve been nominated as the longest festival in the year 2011. With „Shamans‘ visions“ as the topic, TARP appeared in all bigger cities in Lithuania for a whole month, covering the most unexpected spaces and programme combinations. The review of an open poetry film competition „I call You my own restlessness“ („Aš vadinu […]


In the year 2010, for the first time TARP festival attracts ZEBRA (Berlin), the largest poetry film festival in the world and presents it together with Goethe Institute in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda and Šiauliai. In the mean time, the underground club XI20, which had already become the visiting card of the festival, becomes a temporal […]

2009: TARP

In 2009, the festival began with lectures by a poet Benediktas Januševičius and a photographer Alvydas Lukys and this creators opening of an „Déjà-vu“exhibitionat thehall of therenovated Mental Health Rehabilitation Center. It is the casual experiences captured with a mobile phone.  TARP ran in between „Kultflux“, a cultural platform, breathing straightly into Neris, to the […]

2008: Tarp: Vilnius / Kaunas / Klaipėda/ Šiauliai

In the year 2008 the festival expanded to “Tarp: vilnius/kaunas/klaipėda/šiauliai”, with pleasure visiting the art galleries and alternative spaces of these cities. “Tarp 08” festival programme consisted of three main parts: visual poem exhibitions and retrospectives, live poets’ performances together with video and audio artists and audiovisual poetry screening competition that was open for everyone. […]

2007: a two-day festival

In 2007, TARP event, happening for the second time expands to a two-day festival in Vilnius at the Mental Health Rehabilitation Center at the territory of Vasaros g. 5. Metal spring beds, festival visitors in pajamas, a sea of books, that could be witnessed by everyone who swam in it and the crowd, that was […]

2006: The Beginning of TARP

The debut of the festival was initiated by Gabrielė Labanauskaitė in the year 2006, when an ideato join the audiovisual poetry authors together and show them to the audience of Vilniuswas born, at a raw „Arts printing house“, then very similar to a squatin London as there was no repair or maintenance made. There weren’t […]